Choose Us for Sprinkler Repair in Rowlett, TX

Our Rowlett sprinkler company has been providing cost-effective, high-quality irrigation solutions for many years. We've seen it all, from the minor repairs to the big ones. Our sprinkler techs are professionals in their field, ready with fully-loaded vehicles and tools to tend to everyone's needs. For top notch sprinkler repair in Rowlett, TX  contact our specialists now to schedule an inspection and get your sprinkler system back on the right track.

Our Technicians Won't Disappoint

maintenance done on lawnThere's not a bad egg in sight in our Rowlett sprinkler repair team - and we made sure of it. Each of our sprinkler technicians has been hand picked, trained, certified, and fully licensed in order to ensure that they are capable of providing the level of service that we feel our customers deserve.

Each of our sprinkler technicians is

  • Fully certified
  • Trained according to company standards
  • Licensed
  • An expert in sprinkler installation and repair

Full Coverage for Your Irrigation System

Our sprinkler installation and repair team can do anything when it comes to maintaining your irrigation system. Check out our list of regular services.

  • our team can help you with sprinkler head repair and installationSprinkler head and nozzle repair
  • Sprinkler upgrades and retrofits
  • Smart controllers and rain sensor installation
  • Drip irrigation and micro-irrigation installation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Pipe repairs
  • Soil analysis
  • Water use analysis
  • Seasonal preparation and winterization
  • Blow outs
  • High-efficiency sprinkler upgrades

Drip Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

a drip irrigation system installed for flowersInstalling a drip irrigation system is a great way to cut down on seasonal and yearly water use while still maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape. Our Rowlett irrigation specialists can install your unique drip line that will deliver water straight to the roots of your plants, eliminating evaporation and wasteful runoff. Your drip line will be designed and installed according to the specifications of your yard, so you can guarantee that all of your plants will get the water they need in order to thrive.

Did your drip line spring a leak? Over time, your drip system will see some wear and tear. Our techs can repair sections of your drip system to keep it running for as long as possible.

Call us today for all of your drip irrigation needs in Rowlett, Texas.

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