Rowlett Drainage Solutions

Alt TextIt's one thing to have a flawless sprinkler system - but what do you do when you've got a sub-par drainage system in place? Proper drainage is important for maintining a healthy lawn, and also for ensuring that water doesn't pool beneath your house, causing damage to your foundation.

Our landcape drainage team in Rowlett can help you to install underground drain systems to help avoid standing water, soil erosion, and rot in your yard.

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Benefits of a Good Drainage System

  • Peter installs a drainage systemNo flooding. Flooding is a big issue for your yard because it can introduce plant diseases and rot, which will take over and destroy your plants in next to no time. It's also not fun to have to navigate a flooded lawn on your way out of the house.
  • No water damage. Improper lawn drainage can result in water damage to your walkways and to your home's foundation. Wood that is exposed to standing water will rot and decay faster, meaning you'll have to pay thousands of dollars to repair the water damage caused to your home.
  • No soil erosion. Rain and flood water will shift your dirt around, which can be a huge issue and make drainage even worse over time.
  • Higher property value. Homes that have an adequate landscape drainage system in place will see increased property values and will be easier to sell later on.

How to Know if You Have a Drainage Problem

Think you might have a yard drainage problem? If you notice any of the following, then it's time to call our Rowlett drainage specialists today:

  • Your soil keeps shifting after it rains.
  • Parts of your lawn are constantly soggy.
  • Your yard dips or sags in the middle.
  • Water collects below your gutter and doesn't drain off.

Remember that if you have poor yard drainage, then there's still hope. We can help you to work out a fix that is within your budget - and that will save you from spending more dollars down the road.

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